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While our main focus and specialty began as marketing for the fitness industry (hence, the company name), we have implemented successful digital marketing strategies in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, financial services, manufacturing, software, and media. 

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"I can't say enough about FitActiv8or's digital marketing technical and design expertise! After our first meeting, Emily came back to me with a design that was polished and captured the personality I wanted to show through my business website - and she made it easy for me! She is current on the newest technology and best products to fit her clients' needs. Emily is very efficient and diligent; it's a pleasure to work with her and her organization!"

-Tamara Brownfield, President & Principal Consultant

Atlas Compensation Partners, LLC

"Working with Emily is a pleasurable challenge and a delightful experience. Emily learned in her years of training for high level dance competition that you can't be the best if you don't work the hardest and learn to be the smartest. Now she brings all of the determination and motivational methods to her clients with a positive attitude and outstanding results."

-Joe Stafura, CEO 


"Emily was instrumental in developing our branding. She had a simple, clear, and effective method of getting us to think through the most important points. We ended up with a brand that both reflects our core values and value proposition!"

-Eleanor Haglund, CEO


"I had the pleasure of working with Emily over the past year. She is strong in her ability to commit to results even in the face of ambiguity and chaos. She is a savvy digital marketer with specific knowledge in the area of fitness and how people are motivated.  In addition, she has a passion for fitness and understands how to share this with others helping them create a more healthy lifestyle."

-Brenda Vester, Partner & VP of Strategy 


"I really enjoy working with Emily. Her success comes from hard work, focus and dedication to tasks at hand. Her ability to understand, analyze and convert data into actions is extremely strong."

-Brett Cornell, VP of Global Sales Operations at JAGGAER


"Working with Emily was an excellent experience, both in terms of her strong knowledge of digital technologies, as well as her deep expertise in areas related to fitness, and training, in general. Emily was the point person on two projects I collaborated on, and aside from facilitating the work of the team members, she contributed difficult synthetic knowledge learned from primary research literature in motivation, self-efficacy, learning and habit-formation. Emily has a very bright future ahead of her, and is a delight to work with."

-JZ Stafura, Chief Cognitive Scientist

The Affective Computing Company

"Emily has been a valuable addition to our team. She provides single point-of-view perspective across our fitness franchise locations, leveraging opportunities for combined marketing efforts, thereby saving cost, while providing in-studio and local marketing support to our General Managers, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibilities of sales and studio operations."

-Trey Johansen, President of Woodburne Holdings, Inc.

Owner of Club Pilates, Row House, and Stretch Lab

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